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Silica Membrane Spin Column for DNA/RNA
      Spin columns/Nucleic Acid Purification Spin Columns contain a silica resin that selectively binds DNA or RNA, depending on salt conditions and other factors influenced by the extraction method. The result is high quality material for cloning, long range sequencing and long read sequencing, to name a few potential applications.
     In addition to the spin column itself, each spin column comes with one outer tube (reservoir), one frit, one silica
membrane and one fixing ring.Under low pH and chaotropic conditions, nucleic acids specifically bind to silica membrane while polysaccharides and proteins pass through. Impurities are further removed by washing. Finally, under low-salt conditions, nucleic acids are desorbed and eluted from the membrane.
Up to 20 μg genomic DNA or RNA
Large fragment size and high purity
High quality and reproducible yields
Suitable for many kinds of samples
10 0000Units/day

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500 unit/box




  Free 2019-nCoV Plasmids
  Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

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