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Dual-labeled fluorogenic probes are highly-sensitive, sequence-specific, fluorescent probes designed for real-time quantitative PCR. They can be used with most real-time quantitative PCR instruments and multiplex analysis systems due to their simplicity of design and the extensive range of fluorophores available.ShineGene provide primers and probes for Zika Virus Detection.

Labels for Taqman fluorogenic probes

5'Reporters 3'Quenchers

6-FAM, HEX, TET, ROX, Cy3, Cy5,Texas Red, Rhodamine

TAMRA, BHQ™-1 or BHQ-2

1.Deprotected, desalted and purified by PAGE or RP-HPLC 
2.Available in lengths of 15 to 40 mers 
3.Delivered dried in individual, opaque tubes 
4.Shipped within 7 to 8 working days of receiving your order, appending successful QC validation 


2 OD(

5 OD(



120.00/ probe

170.00 / probe

7working days 


180.00/ probe

250.00 / probe

7working days 


180.00/ probe

250.00 / probe

7working days 


150.00/ probe

200.00 / probe

7working days 


340.00/ probe 450.00/ probe 7working days

Price for synthesis of other Taqman fluorogenic probe (optional):Ask for a quote,
Estimate 1 OD = 5 nmols = 33 µg, for a 20 mer oligo
Please enquire for alternative quantitie

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